Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Beginning

"If you're looking for a happy ending and you couldn't find one, find a new beginning instead"

I couldn't be more agree with the quotation.. it's really into me right now.. i'm desperately looking for a new beginning as my previous one didn't seem to end well.. Thank god, i was given a second chance, and i believe that everyone deserves for a second chance, don't they??

The new semester already started, it's has been a few weeks already, yet i'm still adjusting myself. to be likely a better one.. one that a medical student supposed to be, then, i'm wondering what's actually med student should be alike? a nerd with those heavy books of head-breaking subject of medicine? or a slumber and happy-go-lucky ones? is it a medical student should enslave his/her self to those books? i mean, to study all the times?
I knew that i'm ought to change for this is my second chance, the last chance that i deserve to.. i can't bear any mistake anymore, a great transformation plan have to be taken. no room for failures!. Yes.. everything is actually depend on our own self.. i got to decide for it now. a dwelling road is in front of me now on. one will lead me to the dream that I long all this time and the other will lead me to the destructive failure. yupp.. the way i mention it seems easy right? just simply choose the one that lead you to success, but actually these 2 road somehow at certain part come across together, which mean that, you might think that you have taken the best one but somehow you end up in the bad one.. kinda confusing actually..
   By the way, life must go on and it's time for choosing..

Whether we realize it or not, time is passing by really fast.. extremely fast which forces us to be as fast as that.. for those who moves slow will eventually get left behind. and it's definitely never too late for us to decide now. choose to SUCCEED or to FAIL.. i'm hoping that i'm already choose the right one and may God guide me to the success that i'm longing for.. InshaALLAH..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love, is it??

Ask any teenager or senior citizen, “What is love?” and their answers reflect a similar influence. Love involves feelings -- romanticized by music, literature, and media. We all yearn to recreate that intimacy based on what seems so ideal. Our deepest longings shape what defines love -- fervor (passionate), flawless (perfect), and fulfillment (joy).

When we express love, we develop a strong emotional attachment, anticipating our love to be returned. What do I receive out of the relationship? What’s my level of contentment? Our feelings focus upon discovering that one individual who satisfies all our heart’s desires. Sadly, what nourished and warmed our love for one season often withers and grows cold. “The course of true love never did run smooth.

What is love if not costly? Real love demands sacrifice that can’t be found in self-centeredness. You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. Sacrificial love requires that we give what we value most: our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. Real love does not always follow our natural inclinations; it is not an impulse from feelings.
is it to love is to suffer? or perhaps suffering make love even magnificient..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Que Sera, Sera

They said that the past shouldn't be bothered of.. let's bygone be bygone!!.. what's will be, will be.. isn't it?.. yaa.. i couldn't agree more with the statement.. everything that meant to be, will definitely  be.. believe in god"s plan..and tonight, in this very middle of night. i started to think.. thinking of everything.. my life, my study, my family.. what's i gonna be in next 10 years? will i managed to be a good doctor?.. a lot of question come in and out.. time that passing by seems to be extremely fast.. felling like a numb person that taking part in a 100 metres sprinting, when everybody else running so fast in the flow of time, i seems to be stumbled, blur, don't know what i should do.. the pain really piss me off.. the sensation is pricking every single part of my body.. the feeling of failure.. yes, it's hurt so much.. I don't expect that i will face this kind of thing.. perhaps because i barely fail in anything that i did, especially in study.. then, one day, i faced it.. it's devastating.. feeling like your world is in darkness.. feeling that you got thrown from a top of mountain.. the pain is tiring.. but then, i realized that, crying over something that is done is useless.. what's is done can't be undone!!,, all i need to do is to move forward, tilt my head up, look to blue sky up,  built up some courage, then start walking back. no time to mourn, or cry.. i could still remember when i called my mum, just before my exam, telling her how afraid i am.. she just laughing, then gently said.. "you have tried your very best, now let's Allah take care of the rest".. the words really cool me down.. my mum always know the best words to say for every situation i faced,,.. and now, the semester break is still long enough to go through.. although 4 months is not really a long period, anyway i really got to do something.. i ought to!!.. Forget the pain!, and try hard, so that i will enjoy the happiness cause " until you knew how bitter the failure was, you will never fully enjoy how sweet the success is"...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Study week = Hectic week!!

My world really turn out crazy right now... a week to go before our most important examination ever..( for now).. PROFESIONAL 1 seems to be like a psychopath killer eagerly chasing after me...i'm sweating, tired, my heart pounding really hard, that i thought it might jump out... i doubt that i will get my previous life after this... or else i might turn to be this " BOOK ZOMBIE" for the rest of my life... mountains of lecture notes need to be read up.. and of course.. to understand it is another important thing... agrhhhhhh!!!!

     My passing days were so monotonous... woke up early morning (if i didn't stayed up until 3 or 4 at morning last night) ... all i could see was my messy table with those annoying notes that i need to put my head in.. huhuhu.. then, rushed to library or any place i found perfect to really concentrate in my study.. not to mention when some of the days i just simply decide to spend my whole day in that "clinching-bone" cool library.. crazily trying to digest as much as possible i could... it's really a desperate time!!.. probably because of my own fault.. i didn't really take serious attention for some of them.. now really need to give my hardest hit!!!.. huuuhhh...

    Looking to some of my friends that seem to be prepared for the examination really double up my stress!!.. when i read up ones note.. then, i saw my friends read others. ohhh noooo!!!! i haven't cover it yet!!.. so changed it.. read what my friend read... hehehe.. finally.. i got tired.. don't care just read anything Dean!!!.. at least u got something.. might not too much, but little is fine.. little is much better than nothing right???

    There are few days leave before pro is coming out... and to my bad i still got plenty of things to read on... anatomy ( i didn't really like anatomy). physiology n biochemistry.. ahhhh... these 3 brothers really freak me out.. anyway, there's still time to do something.. i have to try my best and let Allah take care of the rest.. have faith Dean!!!.. may all this sacrifices are worth doing,, insyaAllah.. last words.. the best of luck for pro 1 to all first year medical and dental students.. gambateh!!!^^,v

Saturday, April 23, 2011


semalam masa aq tengah syok2 je bace blog member... tibe2 lak teringat yg aq pn aq blog gak.. ( nak jugak!!) hehe.. so, aq pn bukak la blik blog aq.. kot2 la kne block ke.. huishh.. lma sangat tak menjengah blog ni.. agaknya dah nak dekat setengah tahun kot aq tinggalkan blog ni.. dah bersawang pun!!

tu la.. orang buat blog ko pn gatal nak buat jugak.. tapi komitmen x de!!.. hishhh!!.. sorry ok!! komitmen aq bukan tuk benda alah ni jer... berlambak aq keje lain kot.. sebenarnya, aq ade la jugak niat nak jenguk blog ni awal-awal dulu.. tulis ape-ape yg patut (aka. mengarut)^^,. last2 niat tinggal niat je lah.. i'm busy ok... ye lah.. kalau dah masuk course medik ni kena banyak sacrifice... berkorban masa, duit pn banyak habis ( walaupun ditaja JPA, buku2 mahal2  kot!!).. masa tido pn kena cut.. tido kul 2, 3 pagi pastu mula lah bangun kul 12, 1 petang!!.. x senonoh.. huhu.. budak medik ni kan selalunya dicop ulat buku... betui ka??? x kot.. biasa2 je.. letih kot duk mengadap buku memanjang,,, hehe.. ( ko memang.. PEMALAS!!) kita jadi budak medik ni x leh la hidup lam dunia kita jer.. dunia buku.. kene la tahu jugak perkembangan semasa.. pe jadi dengan dunia skang?  hah! jepun dilanda tsunami? krisis nuklear?? gempa bumi?? biaq betul... ( tengok tu...) kena la ambik tau, lau x banyak cikit2 pun ok la.. biar peka baru lah boleh jadi doktor yang seimbang peribadinya diorang cakap..

    hari ni melalut sikit coz lama bebeno tak menconteng kat sini.. lepas gian orang cakap.. ha ha ha.. post kali ni lebih kurang nak bersihkan blog aq yang dah bersawang & berhabuk ni.. it's cleaning time..

ok lah.. cukup mengarut tuk masa ni.. next post tak tau la bile pulak.. setengah tahun dari skng pulak ke.. sabor je la.. hehe.. kot2 la aq lupe terus ngan blog ni ke... till then.. bye2,,^^,v