Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love, is it??

Ask any teenager or senior citizen, “What is love?” and their answers reflect a similar influence. Love involves feelings -- romanticized by music, literature, and media. We all yearn to recreate that intimacy based on what seems so ideal. Our deepest longings shape what defines love -- fervor (passionate), flawless (perfect), and fulfillment (joy).

When we express love, we develop a strong emotional attachment, anticipating our love to be returned. What do I receive out of the relationship? What’s my level of contentment? Our feelings focus upon discovering that one individual who satisfies all our heart’s desires. Sadly, what nourished and warmed our love for one season often withers and grows cold. “The course of true love never did run smooth.

What is love if not costly? Real love demands sacrifice that can’t be found in self-centeredness. You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. Sacrificial love requires that we give what we value most: our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. Real love does not always follow our natural inclinations; it is not an impulse from feelings.
is it to love is to suffer? or perhaps suffering make love even magnificient..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Que Sera, Sera

They said that the past shouldn't be bothered of.. let's bygone be bygone!!.. what's will be, will be.. isn't it?.. yaa.. i couldn't agree more with the statement.. everything that meant to be, will definitely  be.. believe in god"s plan..and tonight, in this very middle of night. i started to think.. thinking of everything.. my life, my study, my family.. what's i gonna be in next 10 years? will i managed to be a good doctor?.. a lot of question come in and out.. time that passing by seems to be extremely fast.. felling like a numb person that taking part in a 100 metres sprinting, when everybody else running so fast in the flow of time, i seems to be stumbled, blur, don't know what i should do.. the pain really piss me off.. the sensation is pricking every single part of my body.. the feeling of failure.. yes, it's hurt so much.. I don't expect that i will face this kind of thing.. perhaps because i barely fail in anything that i did, especially in study.. then, one day, i faced it.. it's devastating.. feeling like your world is in darkness.. feeling that you got thrown from a top of mountain.. the pain is tiring.. but then, i realized that, crying over something that is done is useless.. what's is done can't be undone!!,, all i need to do is to move forward, tilt my head up, look to blue sky up,  built up some courage, then start walking back. no time to mourn, or cry.. i could still remember when i called my mum, just before my exam, telling her how afraid i am.. she just laughing, then gently said.. "you have tried your very best, now let's Allah take care of the rest".. the words really cool me down.. my mum always know the best words to say for every situation i faced,,.. and now, the semester break is still long enough to go through.. although 4 months is not really a long period, anyway i really got to do something.. i ought to!!.. Forget the pain!, and try hard, so that i will enjoy the happiness cause " until you knew how bitter the failure was, you will never fully enjoy how sweet the success is"...