Sunday, April 24, 2011

Study week = Hectic week!!

My world really turn out crazy right now... a week to go before our most important examination ever..( for now).. PROFESIONAL 1 seems to be like a psychopath killer eagerly chasing after me...i'm sweating, tired, my heart pounding really hard, that i thought it might jump out... i doubt that i will get my previous life after this... or else i might turn to be this " BOOK ZOMBIE" for the rest of my life... mountains of lecture notes need to be read up.. and of course.. to understand it is another important thing... agrhhhhhh!!!!

     My passing days were so monotonous... woke up early morning (if i didn't stayed up until 3 or 4 at morning last night) ... all i could see was my messy table with those annoying notes that i need to put my head in.. huhuhu.. then, rushed to library or any place i found perfect to really concentrate in my study.. not to mention when some of the days i just simply decide to spend my whole day in that "clinching-bone" cool library.. crazily trying to digest as much as possible i could... it's really a desperate time!!.. probably because of my own fault.. i didn't really take serious attention for some of them.. now really need to give my hardest hit!!!.. huuuhhh...

    Looking to some of my friends that seem to be prepared for the examination really double up my stress!!.. when i read up ones note.. then, i saw my friends read others. ohhh noooo!!!! i haven't cover it yet!!.. so changed it.. read what my friend read... hehehe.. finally.. i got tired.. don't care just read anything Dean!!!.. at least u got something.. might not too much, but little is fine.. little is much better than nothing right???

    There are few days leave before pro is coming out... and to my bad i still got plenty of things to read on... anatomy ( i didn't really like anatomy). physiology n biochemistry.. ahhhh... these 3 brothers really freak me out.. anyway, there's still time to do something.. i have to try my best and let Allah take care of the rest.. have faith Dean!!!.. may all this sacrifices are worth doing,, insyaAllah.. last words.. the best of luck for pro 1 to all first year medical and dental students.. gambateh!!!^^,v


  1. syukran!! n_n.. all the best for u too... and thnks for the 2:286..^^

  2. Thanks Bell!! haha... same goes to you.. gudluck..^^