Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Beginning

"If you're looking for a happy ending and you couldn't find one, find a new beginning instead"

I couldn't be more agree with the quotation.. it's really into me right now.. i'm desperately looking for a new beginning as my previous one didn't seem to end well.. Thank god, i was given a second chance, and i believe that everyone deserves for a second chance, don't they??

The new semester already started, it's has been a few weeks already, yet i'm still adjusting myself. to be likely a better one.. one that a medical student supposed to be, then, i'm wondering what's actually med student should be alike? a nerd with those heavy books of head-breaking subject of medicine? or a slumber and happy-go-lucky ones? is it a medical student should enslave his/her self to those books? i mean, to study all the times?
I knew that i'm ought to change for this is my second chance, the last chance that i deserve to.. i can't bear any mistake anymore, a great transformation plan have to be taken. no room for failures!. Yes.. everything is actually depend on our own self.. i got to decide for it now. a dwelling road is in front of me now on. one will lead me to the dream that I long all this time and the other will lead me to the destructive failure. yupp.. the way i mention it seems easy right? just simply choose the one that lead you to success, but actually these 2 road somehow at certain part come across together, which mean that, you might think that you have taken the best one but somehow you end up in the bad one.. kinda confusing actually..
   By the way, life must go on and it's time for choosing..

Whether we realize it or not, time is passing by really fast.. extremely fast which forces us to be as fast as that.. for those who moves slow will eventually get left behind. and it's definitely never too late for us to decide now. choose to SUCCEED or to FAIL.. i'm hoping that i'm already choose the right one and may God guide me to the success that i'm longing for.. InshaALLAH..

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