Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meet the Salleh's..^^

Assalamualaikum guys, hope you doing fine..honestly i really have no idea on what to write . urm, i'm not really good in writing and expressing myself. So today i wanna write a bit about my family.. introducing a part of my big happy family.. hahaha.. so bear with me ok.. yea, i have such a big family.. 11 siblings is something normal for east coast people u know.. hehe.

My mum and dad got married in such an early age..perhaps my dad didn't want my mum be with other guy.. hahaha.. as she used to be one of the most beautiful lady in that villages in that time.. hehe.. what should i say about my mum.. she's the best mum ever!.. she's rarely get angry and always bear with us, even when we did something bad. in contrast, my dad is such a strict father. i remember that i scared him the most when i'm kid. single instruction from him is enough to make me rushing doing whatever he asked me to.. haha.. for every mistake we did, punishment is waiting.. but now my father seem to be more easy-going, he told us that, he no longer need to keep angry and whatsoever coz we are adult already.. i thanks my parent for who i am right now.  for the tender touch of my mother and strict punishment from my father that allowed me to be whoever i am right now.. thank you mum and dad!^^

there is so much to say about my siblings. so i chose to talk about a few of them only. i always considered my siblings as my best friend. perhaps because of that i rarely have other friends. simply using word like "aku" "kau" doesn't potrayed that we disgracing each other but it's mean that u hold that someone near your heart... you know what i meant..

My lovely sister with her family..

She is a teacher, a really good sister indeed. having a big family, financial is a thing that always give us a headache. but she willing to sacrifice for us too. yea, my matriculation and registration fee for university is supported by her. and yet again when ever i faced those money crisis, to her i turned into.. hehe.. she got married with an engineer,  a loving husband i would say.. good for her.. thanks you sis for your infinite love and support.. i wish i could pay for it someday..^^

my brother..

urmm.. there nothing much i can say about him. he got that sense of fashion far greater than any of us.. he love those kind of branded thing, which i think kind of wasting.. hehe.. just finished his diploma in electrical engineering from politeknik johor bharu.

Here she is, my lovely sister.. one of the closest sibling ever.. she is such a funny person and of course shopaholic!.. shopping with her is a nightmare to a man like me.. she like to round and enter every single outlet in the market making my leg trembling.. so tiring.. indeed, woman is the strongest creature when its come to shopping!..haha.. by the way, i always trust her choice in buying anything, which mean that i will just simply give my money to her and asked her to buy something for me and her choice isn't bad and somehow suit with my taste too..^^ and not to mention, she just got engaged recently.. hehe.. getting married soon.. wish you ever lasting happiness sis!^^

This is my younger brother, the opposite side of me i can say.. he's now studied in kolej kesihatan bersekutu ulu kinta perak for medical assistant.. which he hate it at first, before going for MA, he actually studied in UITM, then he applied for SPA, and got it. but he said that he dislike something related to medicine.. hahahah.. but my mum and sister asked him to accept it. now he seem to like that course.. i could say that he is lot different from me in term of,, you know, he quite famous during school time.. not saying that i'm not famous.. hahaha.. my junior said that i'm seem arrogant and isolated.. hehe.. which i'm not!. i'm just find it's difficult to entertain and making new friend.. that's all..

There is a  lot of thing to write about my family, perhaps i should continue it in next entry..^^, 6 others member to tell about really need another long post. Thanks for bear with me, reading this kind of nasty entry about my family. haha. till next time!!^^, bye.

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